A Few 2015 Favorites | Part II

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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Welcome back! If you missed Sunday's post listing my "other" favorites of the year, check it out here. Today - it's strictly fun stuff.

My financial situation for most of the year was not dire - but it was...different. I left an exceedingly difficult (mentally, physically and emotionally) position very shortly before my grandmother died in April.

Whoa - that brought the mood down. Sorry. What I mean to say is that I had less money, so I really thought through my purchases. Less impulse buys, more planned, researched purchases. These are true favorites, and they've really been fun to use and play with throughout the year:


I bought the Morphe Brushes Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette during the initial release in January. It was my first beauty purchase of the year. I surprisingly had minimal issues purchasing it, I'm convinced it must have been some void in the space-time continuum that made it so easy. I do not currently own - nor plan to own - any other Morphe palettes or eyeshadow products because this palette really feels hand-curated. It's the best of  the brand's offerings and I'm so pleased to own it. One downfall - it is pretty large and unwieldy. I probably wouldn't travel with this one, despite it having practically every shade I could need for a short period away from home.

My dear husband purchased for me the Lorac Mega Pro 2 eyeshadow palette, and I treasure it. Though it hasn't satiated any need to purchase more eyeshadow (never!), I am confident I can recreate most looks with it. Though by and large not as popular as its predecessor, the evasive Mega Pro 1 - it still proved not to be a palette to sleep on for 2015 for its versatility and never-fail excellent Lorac quality.

Also of mention are Laura Mercier Antique Gold single eyeshadow (discontinued), Bobbi Brown Camel single eyeshadow (which I will be reviewing in depth shortly), and Chanel Fauve single eyeshadow (which will also be making an appearance in 2016). These were all classic additions to my collection, and will get significant use.


The Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Brightening Powder in Starlight is so beautiful, and perhaps my favorite purchase of the year. I feel as though it completed my highlighter collection, offering a ethereal (or..celestial?) pinky opalescent glow. My favorite way to wear this is layered over a cream highlighter (applied directly underneath for intense sheen, or under foundation for a more subtle effect) like Benefit Cosmetics Girl Meets Pearl or High Beam. Initially, I was intimidated by the pinky tones because I have a deeper complexion (I promise a photo for my Welcome banner is coming soon), but I was so surprisingly charmed by the hint of warmth this has, it is not at all frosty or white. What I'm not so charmed by is the price - $44 USD for only .11 ounces. Ouch. Compared to Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfectors at $38 USD for .28 ounces, it's almost highway robbery! I've never even hit pan on a highlighter let alone finished one - but that is of little consolation, here.

Speaking of Becca and her amazing SSPs, of course I bought Champagne Pop. Of course I did. I even considered indulging in the limited edition Champagne Glow palette, but with the inclusion of a shade I already owned and one I absolutely couldn't use (Pearl) - I passed. If I could cover my entire face with Champagne Pop I fear it still wouldn't be enough. I love using it on my cheeks, temples, chin, nose and as a lid shade. The the peach tones in this highlighter make it ideal for a range of skin tones - I've seen YouTube gurus Jackie Aina and Lily Pebbles both wear it beautifully.

I should mention that in 2015 I finally purchased Benefit Dallas, after lemming for it for literally years. I remember reading about Dallas in a Cosmopolitan magazine when I was around 20 - but just never took the leap. Finally it is mine and I love it's dirty rosy brownness. I also purchased TheBalm Desert bronzer and am ready to give up all of my bronzers for it. Well, almost. For those who prefer a more a bronzer with red tones (as I do sometimes in the summer, because it looks naturally sunkissed) this is great. However, sometimes I like a more orange (gasp!) bronzer because...it just looks hella tan.


Some things just don't change, and in 2015 I still loved nudes and rosy brown shades. However, I also fell harder for the ever popular 90s lip trends, and sought out dark, dirty browns for the perfect Kylie pout. My favorite brown shade of the year was Urban Decay's aptly named Matte Revolution Lipstick in 1993.

It was certainly the year for liquid lipsticks, with new offerings from Jeffree Star, Anastasia of Beverly Hills, and Stila, among others. I finally got my hands on Lolita by Kat Von D, and I understand the hype. I'm not quite sure what version of the color I have (as there have been several), but I love it. My interest is piqued to try the lipstick version of this shade when I don't want crazy long lasting wear.


Last year I purchased two MiniMint palettes and I really love both of them - it's hard to believe that they are handcrafted. I also own a Z-Palette (and have planned to purchase another in 2016), and while I do not believe MiniMint palettes are as sturdy as a Z-Palette, they are certainly a close second. Whatever MiniMint lacks in durability, they make up for in design. Jenny of MiniMint uses colorful patterned paper to create each unique design - no two palettes are alike! To top it off, she treats each palette to make it water-resistant. I actually took all of my Makeup Geek and MAC eyeshadows out of the MAC palette it was in, and rehoused them inside MiniMint's 6x4 travel palette. Much more preferable - the palette can fit exactly 15 MAC/MUG eyeshadow pans snugly - and without extra magnetization.

Regarding beauty, 2015 was a great year. The 90s made a resounding resurgence (to my delight!), and lip liner is back in full force. For this year, I am anxiously awaiting some special releases from Too Faced and Kat Von D, but have my eyes open for new and unique items to bring home.

Thanks for sticking around - it's going to be a fun year.
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