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Have you ever showed up to your sorority alumnae brunch hungover from the night before? Me too!

Let me just tell you - you're not alone. You haven't been left behind, you're not the absolute last person to pull your shit together. You're not the only one still renting at 30, or the only one still driving a used car. Sometimes life gets hard - our valleys are as unique as our fingerprints. I'm still figuring things out - most things - and I'm here to tell you, there's still time.

This is not a "blogger's blog." This is a space for the rest of us. I don't live in my house because it has great lighting. I've never taken a well-timed photo of pouring cream into my coffee and I actually despise Instagram (but I'll follow you).

I want to make life easier - for both of us. I want to make you laugh, show you an article you've never seen before, introduce you to new people and maybe suggest what's worth spending your money on. Whatever you need, I hope you can find a piece of it here.

See you soon.