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Sunday, January 10, 2016

How was your week? Currently unemployed, mine are eerily similar. Luckily, I haven't fallen into a rut of forgetting the day of the week, and for that I am grateful. Next week, I have a second interview with a great  Forbes 100 company. Wish me luck?

Though I've been patiently awaiting Tempalia's best of 2015 review, I'm pretty sick of most of the "best of" posts already (even though they make my paltry attempts look pretty sad). It seems as though we're being innundated with declutters, "anti-hauls", purges and plans for the year. As I've mentioned before, I don't really do resolutions, but did find inspiration to declutter my cosmetic collection. If I calculated the cost of everything I either threw or gave away - I'd probably sob.

In equally depressing news, have you seen Making a Murderer? Of course you have. Spoilers aside, my heart aches for Brendan Dassey. It's evident there is something amiss in the handling of his case. A Cup of Jo published this post giving a little more insight to the documentary that took an unfathomable ten years to make. I guess I won't hold my breath for season two...

To satiate me, the Serial podcast returned after a week off for the holidays. This is such a different case from last season's Adnan Sayed. Though I'd forgotten his name, the story of Bowe Bergdahl's captivity came flooding back to memory as I listed to the first episode. Sarah Koenig wrote a great blog post outlining the case. Especially helpful if you haven't begun listening to the podcast yet, give it a read.

I read a lot of blogs. In fact, if you leave a comment below with your blog name, there's a 110% chance I'll follow you on Bloglovin. I love all blogs - big ones, small ones, ones that swing to the get it.

Have a great Sunday.

6 comments on "Sunday | I"
  1. I love that shot of your bed. It looks so comfortable!

    Goodluck with your interview! I hope it goes well :)

    I haven't seen that show yet but I have every intention of watching it in the near future. And I am also glad that Serial is back! I am not sure if I should just wait until the end of the season. I really hate waiting each week for the next episode. I only discovered it last year and listened to Season 1 in a few days.

    I would love if you could check out my blog! It's a little bit all over the place :)

    Nat | Dignifiable

    1. I agree that bed looks super comfy, but unfortunately it isn't mine! It's just a stock image.

      Waiting for each episode is pure torture - and a two week wait over New Year's?!

      Thanks for the well wishes! The closer it gets the more nervous I become.

  2. nice post, good luck with your interview :)


  3. Good luck for the interview!

    I'm svaing up all the Seriel episodes so I can listen to them all at once at the end of the series and this is taking more self control than I realised I had!

    1. Last season I was kind of late to the Serial party, so I didn't even begin listening to them until March, when the season was already over. I binge listed at my desk - it was awesome. I had absolutely no power to restrain myself for season 2.


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