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Sunday, January 17, 2016

It's Sunday, it's cold, and I've been worrying.

My interview was on Thursday, and it was one of the more difficult interviews I've had in a long while. Admittedly, I've become somewhat over confident with my fancy graduate degree and articulate nature. The VP of Human Resources was a no nonsense man, and was impossible for me to read. Now, I wait - and worry. Though, a few things have kept me on the brink of sanity:

1| Currently I'm reading two novels; The Elfstones of Shannara by Terry Brooks and Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Weiner.I know - I find humor in polarity. Though I've made a commitment to seek books outside of my comfort zone, Brooks is admittedly not an author I would reach for. My husband asked me to read it, the first installment of his favorite series, now adapted into a television show airing on MTV. Though it's not nearly as mind-numbing as I anticipated, Weiner is a welcome break from the sometimes bleak plot. She's stereotypically feminine and delightfully predictable.

2| Have you ever heard of gastro-tourisum? Basically vacationing strictly to eat - my kind of holiday. I wonder what the equivalent of that is, but for beauty? If (and only if) this position pans out, I'd love to travel and find all the hidden Asian beauty supply stores and local drugstores. Right now I'm considering Seattle, San Diego, Portland, or Montreal. I think every worrier is an inherent planner - planning gives me peace.

3|  I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos on minimalist makeup collections. Does anyone else feel as though minimalism is sort of ... a fad? It seems very trendy, and I wonder if it will be a long standing thing. I practice minimalism by buying better quality to essentially buy less items less frequently - and that's not really "minimalism," that's common sense. Right?

4| Lastly I finished watching the episodes of Flesh and Bone I had in my DVR. Whoa. Unfortunately there won't be a second season, not that I think my heart could take it. It's very cerebral - which may be an understatement. It's not  a family show, but worth watching.

Enjoy your Sunday - and do me a favor? Actually, two: send me all your good vibes, and take a big, giant deep breath just for me? You're the best.

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